eso recipe conversion list

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
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Date: February 1, 2015

eso recipe conversion list

Follow the link below to access the master ESO recipe conversion list for Update 1.6.

Very soon, things will be different in the world of ESO. With the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Update 1.6 will fully be upon us, bringing a host of changes. Everything from revamped armor styles to the highly anticipated Justice System.

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Among the many changes in Update 1.6, Provisioning is getting a complete overhaul. Recipes are changing with several ingredients going “stale,” no longer being used. Some names will be different and new recipes will be made available. As exciting as these changes are, it can be confusing and overwhelming to the intrepid chef.

To help fellow gamers make sense of the changes, a player from the Artisan’s Guild (@Sneak-Thief) spent 9 hours putting together a complete ESO recipe conversion list. This master list also includes all the ingredients needed for Update 1.6 recipes and the food/drink item codes. @Sneak-Thief shared the list on the official ESO forums here, and graciously gave the go-ahead for the Skyrim Fansite to promote his work. As @Sneak-Thief explained to me, he wants to “get the word out” to his fellow players.

Follow the link below to access the master list:

CLICK>ESO Recipe Conversion List<CLICK

One of the strengths of The Elder Scrolls Online is its active Community. Helpful players like @Sneak-Thief who are willing to share their knowledge and spend time creating valuable resources, makes the Community stronger and ESO that much sweeter.

So here’s a Skyrim Fansite shout-out to @Sneak-Thief. The first time I craft a frosty mug of Breton Pint of Bitters, I’ll raise a toast to you and to all the players in Tamriel who help make our journey so much easier and more enriching.

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