Colovian Crossing

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
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Date: September 12, 2014

Colovian Crossing

Colovian Crossing allows convention attendees to experience The Elder Scrolls Online PvP system firsthand.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been busy working the convention circuit this year. It was only two months ago that the ESO team dropped a bombshell at QuakeCon, revealing upcoming enhancements to the game in a special presentation broadcast over Twitch.  In a like fashion, the MMORPG was showcased last week at gamescon and Pax Prime. Though there wasn’t a special reveal at the Bethesda booth, attendees at both conventions were in for a treat. Not only could gamers meet with the ESO team in person, they were allowed to face off against one another in Colovian Crossing — an exclusive small-scale PvP area created solely for convention players.

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Colovian Crossing was designed exclusively for convention attendees, however there has been some interest among active subscribers to have the PvP area made available in-game — this according to an ongoing Elder Scrolls Online forum thread. However, according to an ESO staff member who posted on the thread, there are no plans to do so:

Colovian Crossing was designed to showcase our PvP system to players at conventions. We haven’t announced any plans to bring this type of small scale PvP into the game, but we’ve certainly heard a lot of great feedback from players at our conventions. If we decided to implement this type of content into a future content update, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Though Colovian Crossing was created for marketing purposes, a poster named Rodario felt that the lack of small-scale PvP content could ultimately hurt the game:

I’m no advocate for or against small scale pvp. That being said, if I had seen that presentation and liked it so much that it factored into my decision to buy the game, only to find out it isn’t actually in the game once I’m already playing it…

…I’d feel very cheated. If it wasn’t stated repeatedly that the content of the presentation is just for show and won’t be accessible ingame, well that’s what we call false advertising.

What do you think? Should The Elder Scroll Online import Colovian Crossing? Would small-scale PvP be a feature you’d like to see in an upcoming game release? Please share your thoughts in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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If skyrim wants to compete and they can they should upgrade combat with the assassins creed gamemakers and make it truly unique. With the best pvp experience out there.

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