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Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
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Learn how to become an ESO Werewolf or Vampire with this easy-to-follow guide.

Werewolves and Vampires, those exotic species that live in our imagination, also happen to live in the Elder Scrolls Universe. By now you must know that you can become either one or the other in-game so this guide is about how to become a Werewolf or a Vampire.

We’ll do so without including spoilers for the quests, but we’ll include the general location of where the Werewolves and Vampires spawn.

Go ahead and read the guide:

If you just want to become an ESO Werewolf or Vampire without the hassles of having to complete the quests and/or looking for NPCs to infect you, you should know that you just need to be bitten by a fellow player who is either a Werewolf or a Vampire in order to join his or her species.

If you belong to an ESO guild, ask your fellow guildies if they’ll infect you. A lot of guild members will bite others in the guild for free or for a reasonable amount of gold. Otherwise, you can use Zone Chat to ask if anyone is selling a bite. Simply broadcast your request like this: WTB Werewolf or Vampire Bite. Once a seller messages you, details can be arranged in regards to money, etc. Just be prepared to pay a few thousand gold for the bite (between 2K and 4K seems to be the going rate).

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To become an ESO Werewolf or Vampire, you must find one of them and let them take some huge bites off you in order to become infected.

These creatures will only spawn at night and are either a Blood Fiend for vampires or Werewolf for Werewolves.

To find them, go to Bangkori at night at try to spot one – they might be respawning because of the high demand (they are usually killed quickly during the game’s “prime time”.

When the creature attacks you, check for buffs called either Vampirism or Sanies Lupinus – if you feel like a good player, leave the creature alive in order for it to infect others. If you want others to have a hard time, kill them all!

Now that you have the infection buffs, you will have to go to Evermore (Daggerfall), Riften (Ebonheart) or Rawl’Kha (Aldmeri).

Follow the quest’s objectives to become an ESO Werewolf or Vampire.

You’ll have to be at least level 20 in order to stand a chance against the creatures, and you may need help, since the creatures are actually level 42 in difficulty.

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Of course we would have to include the antidote – many people enroll in the ranks of ESO Werewolves or Vampires to try them and change their minds afterwards.

The Priest of Arkay is the curse’s healer and you will find him in the same location you got the quest from – it costs a bit of gold but you will be able to try the other specie or simple get healed.

We aren’t sure this is the only location where the creatures spawn yet, but so far we found them in Bangkori (Daggerfall), The Rift (Ebonheart) and Reaper’s March (Aldmeri).

Good luck on becoming an ESO Werewolf or Vampire in the world’s greatest MMORPG!

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