PVE Assassination Rogue Guide, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a

PVE Assassination Rogue DPS Guide (WotLK 3.3.5a)

PVE Assassination Rogue Guide, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a

Welcome to the Assassination Rogue DPS guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. In this guide, you will learn about playing an Assassination Rogue (Mutilate) in a raid. The guide includes Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Add-ons, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

1. Talent Tree

This build will give you more Energy regeneration. This is better when you have to constantly change your targets

PVE Assassination Rogue Talent Tree 1, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a

The second build is more for focusing single targets, it will increase your haste, thus increasing poison procs. More damage in a long-term

PVE Assassination Rogue Talent Tree 2 Poison Proc, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a

Keep in mind, that you can swap some points to Vigor. This will Increase your maximum Energy, it’s useful when you are constantly changing targets.

3. Gems

Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.


Relentless Earthsiege Diamond


Fractured Cardinal Ruby
Precise Cardinal Ruby
Stark Ametrine


Quick King's Amber
Rigid King's Amber


Nightmare Tear x1

4. Enchants

Head – Arcanum of Torment
Shoulder – Greater Inscription of the Axe
Cloak – Greater Speed
Chest – Powerful Stats
Bracers – Greater Assault
Gloves – Crusher
Waist – Eternal Belt Buckle
Legs – Icescale Leg Armor
Boots – Icewalker
Weapon – Berserking for both weapons

5. Gameplay & Rotations

Assassination Rogue uses daggers. Main hand – 1.8 with Instant Poison. Offhand – 1.4 with Deadly Poison
Long story short... Go in Stealth and open with a Garrote or Ambush, if someone else applies the bleed. Next, use Hunger for Blood and use that 1 combo point to activate Slice and Dice. Get 4-5 Combo Points using Mutilate and our finisher move is Envenom. Slice and Dice will be renewed thanks to our talents.
The rest of the fight keep up your Hunger for Blood and use Mutilate with Envenom. 20 Seconds after the fight use your Vanish to trigger Overkill. Use Vanish and Cold Blood on cooldown.

Cold Blood is used only on Envenom.

Important: Envenom gives you a buff, that procs Instant poison 75% more often and increases Deadly Poison chances by 15%. After Envenom try landing 1-2 Mutilate and Envenom again. The main thing here is to have the Envenom buff at all time. This will increase your damage a lot!

6. Add-ons

Add-ons improve your gameplay by a lot. It is necessary to utilize add-ons, since they play a vital role in your performance, whether you are in a raid, arena or at the auction house.

Check out our Add-ons Page which will provide you with a download link and some configuration info. The addon versions are for WoW WotLK 3.3.5a. The site has multiple versions of the add-ons, so if you need another version – you can also search for it there.

PVE Assassination Rogue Guide, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a
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