Borderlands 3 Guns Love And Tentacles

Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: March 30, 2020

Just in time for forced social isolation, the second campaign add-on for Borderlands 3 is out now and it looks to be a grand event.  You have been cordially invited to the planet Xylourgos to celebrate upcoming nuptials of  Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs!

The day promises to be a grand, if unusual celebration, as venue is as exhilarating as it is inhospitable.  A bleak, and frozen world, Xylourgos is none the less, not without its charms, including ravenous, bloodsick, wild monsters – and that’s to say nothing of the wildlife!

Guests will meet in the town of Cursehaven on the morning of, and are asked profusely not to spook the locals.  The gargantuan monster carcass that looms over the town is, admittedly, very interesting, but the cult that worships it are easily provoked!

Activities guests should look forward to include, but are not limited to:

  • The exploration multiple zones on the all-new planet of Xylourgos
  • A complete chilling new story, including side missions
  • An entire bestiary of wedding crashers to rid the festivities of
  • the Collection of all new Legendary Weapons, Class Mods, and other fun wedding favors
  • A complete wardrobe makeover with Vault Hunter Heads and Skins, Vehicle Skins, and interactive Room Decorations, so that you can dress properly for the occasion

In addition to all of these lovely features, Guns, Love and Tentacles is providing players with a free level increase to 57!  Those Vault Hunters wanting to visit scenic Xylourgos must provide their own transportation, thus they must have acquired the Sanctuary 3 already, or must start a new character.

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