Borderlands 3 Co-op Loot Drop: Bringing people together so they can shoot other people and take their stuff

Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: March 31, 2020

Right now, we’re all feeling the isolation blues, and gaming of any kind is one of the best (and only, really) ways to cope.  In this vein, Borderlands 3 has got you covered!  Not only was Love, Guns and Tentacles, the latest campaign add-on recently released, but now players can have even more fun with friends with Co-op Loot Drop!

The event runs fully through all of April and is dead simple – literally!  Throughout the month, all Badass just drop more loot when you kill them!

There’s also going to be some fresh, layered events every week, so keep an eye out for fresh content throughout the month.

If you missed the level 57 version of the Juliet’s Dazzle Legendary Assault Rifle, you’re also in luck, as all of the themed items from the last Bloody Harvest and Holiday events are being sent out to everyone as well!

These fun filled events are going to roll Borderlands 3 right into Mayhem Mode 2.0 endgame overhaul and the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event mentioned in episode 6 of the Borderlands Show.

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