Borderlands: Science - Helping Gamers Map Their Guts

Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: April 12, 2020

If you’ve been playing through the Borderlands 3 campaign, then you’ve likely gained access to the Sanctuary III.  What you might not know is that, while aboard the ship, you can access one of the – frankly – coolest features of the whole game.

If, the next time you’re in Doctor Tannis’ infirmary to get your various bullet holes patched up, you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find the newly installed Borderlands: Science Arcade Console.  Through this console you can play Borderlands: Science, a puzzle game developed cooperatively with McGill UniversityMassively Multiplayer Online Science, and The Microsetta Initiative.

Not only is the game a fun, engaging and somewhat addictive tile puzzle game, it also gives you in game currency that can be used to purchase all kinds of goodies.

That’s not even the cool part though, as there’s always some in-game retro bonus feature these days.  What’s REALLY cool is that by simply PLAYING Borderlands: Science, you’re helping scientists map the human gut biome.

Mayim Bialik does a much better job of explaining it than we could, honestly.

In short, by playing this neat, entertaining puzzle game within a game, you’ll literally be helping scientists endeavor in research that will benefit all of humankind in some way.  If that’s not the coolest thing I’ve heard at least this week, especially amid all of this pandemic chaos, I don’t know what is.

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