Borderlands 3 April 23rd Patch And Mini Events

Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: April 29, 2020

The latest patch for Borderlands 3 released earlier on April 23rd and with it came a number of updated features.  In addition to addressing some of the minor bugs and hotfixes that have cropped up in the game, the patch adds some much needed updates to existing features.

Borderlands 3 News Patch April 23rd Joey Ultraviolet

The most noticeable upgrades came with the update of Mayhem Mode to Mayhem 2.0.  The patch makes a lot of changes to the post campaign challenge mode, including removing the necessity for players to For starters visit the pedestal on Sanctuary III to activate Mayhem Mode or adjust your Mayhem level.  You’ll now be able to access both of these functions through a new tab on the ECHO Device, allowing players to access Mayhem Mode at any time.

Of note along with this function is that multiplayer games will determine the Mayhem level based on the level of the host.  You’ll also be matched with players of similar Mayhem level, whenever possible, when you use the Matchmaker function for a multiplayer game.

There are also 25 all new modifiers that can be added to any game, that come in Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard varieties.  Players will also notice that the quality of weapons dropped will increase as their Mayhem level does, allowing your weapon upgrades to scale with the difficulty of the enemies your facing.

Outside of Mayhem Mode, there are some other mini events coming, including Revenge of the Cartels, which pits players against the Joey Ultraviolet and the Eridium Cartel, at the behest of your crewmate Maurice, in a killer homage to 80’s action movies.

You’ll have to roam the galaxy in search of neon-glowing Cartel Operatives who, once eliminated, will summon even more cartel goon for you to kill, including, potentially, some Badass level baddies called Underbosses.  Eliminating all Cartel personnel after slaying the Operatives will earn Hideout coordinates, which will, in turn, allow Maurice to open up a portal to Villa Ultraviolet, once you’ve earned enough.

Once at the Villa, you’ll be going up against one of the three distinct Eridium Cartel gangs.  These gangs each have their own specific Underboss, whom you must exterminate in order to bring down Joey Ultraviolet himself.

The loot and other rewards for completing Revenge of the Cartels are amazing and including crazy new weapons with bizarre functions like creating an auto firing copy of itself that targets whoever you are targeting.  There’s also new skins, trinkets and room decorations to be had as well.

The patch also adds a number of updated standard features, that enhance gameplay across the board, not the least of which is increased storage space.  There are now even more SDUs in the game that allow for 100 more slots in your bank and 10 more slots in your personal inventory.  These, along with the other SDUs for Heavy Weapon and Sniper Rifle ammunition will make choosing between all of the new loot from both of the DLCs and the many Mini – Events a touch less difficult.

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